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The Vision. So What?

01 Dec

Helen Leigh-Phippard, PPN SE EBE Consultant at Psychological Professions Week

So What?

“So what? You have this vision, but what difference is it going to make to those on the ground, to the service users and carers? It has the potential to make a huge difference, but will it?”

Helen Leigh-Phippard, Expert by Experience Consultant who has been involved in the PPN SE from the outset, including #PsychologicalProfessonsIntoAction, spoke from her heart in the opening and closing session during our national Psychological Professions Week conference. Helen reminded us that this vision, which you can view here, is different to most. It was co-created ground-up and nationwide. For it to have the maximum impact, all psychological professionals need to do something about it. Collectively, we must take on the commitments, which leads us on nicely to a call to action:

“We all have the power to do small things that can make a big difference in peoples’ lives”

Helen provided us with a simple but hugely impactful example: If you are sending a letter to a client after they have missed an appointment, instead of sending a generic letter, spend a little bit of time to tailor the letter to ensure it is received compassionately. Helen reminded us that generic letters that do not take into account individual circumstances, can have a negative impact on service users.  

“Talk to the individual kindly, rather than threatening with discharge, without knowing the circumstances”

Helen invited the audience to share one small act that could make a difference in someone else’s life. What action can you take? Please share at #PsychologicalProfessionsIntoAction #PPsIntoAction

Brad Powell

Senior Assistant Psychologist

PPN South East

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