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Reflections on Professional Identity; Alice Plummer, Clinical Programme Manager

01 Feb

So here we find ourselves in the new year with...

So here we find ourselves in the new year with the sombre reality of the ongoing impact of the pandemic.  My heart goes out to us all in these difficult times!  I will write a longer blog with an overview in our next newsletter, but thought I would share some reflections around professional identity.

As you know, the PPN (Psychological Professions Network) South East uniquely joins up the psychological professions’ workforce in the NHS within a regional community of practice.  We also connect with all the PPNs across England!  This means that together we form a very large community of practice that connects with various regional and national stakeholders.  So that together we form a conduit that informs, enables, influences and shapes psychological healthcare in the NHS.  This makes us quite unique! 

We are not a professional body, but we provide a strategic voice for currently 12 Psychological Professions (please see our career map for the full list).  Since our initial launch we have been keen to involve all the 12 professions in our work.  We have invited the formation of subnetworks that are profession-specific with the chair having a seat on our PPN SE Board.  This enables each profession to have a voice, and is very much in keeping with our national Vision where we are committed “to value and respect the contribution of each psychological profession and ensure all of their voices are heard.”

It is really great that we have had ongoing involvement at Board level from Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and Health Psychologists, who have formed regional networks within the PPN SE, alongside Aspiring Psychological Professionals so that our future workforce too is heard!  I am also very pleased that we are now also starting to link in with Forensic Psychologists.   

I am however wondering about the other psychological professions that have not as yet come forward.  Perhaps a regional subnetwork may not be the right way for every profession, and there are other ways to join forces, especially if there is a regional group in the profession-specific professional body, or there may be other ways that you can think of.  I would really value your thoughts on this, so we can ensure that all the psychological professions are heard!

In short, please get in touch with your ideas, or any other thoughts or comments, by contacting me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I would love to hear from you!

With my very best wishes


Alice Plummer

Clinical Programme Manager, PPN South East 

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