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New publication!

01 Dec

The latest in our series of discussion papers: Psychological Professionals and Community Wellbeing

In our series of discussion papers, we are pleased to announce the timely release of our latest paper titled ‘Psychological Professionals and Community Wellbeing.’  You can read it here.  Here’s what author of the paper, Hannah Denton, has to say about this topic and Psychological Professions Week:

The Community Visionary Planet

The Psychological Professions Network has made a commitment to supporting the development of healthy, thriving communities and a more psychologically informed public.  Although psychological professionals are more often associated with working with individuals, the need for a community approach was identified as a priority through the psychological professions into action project.  A focus on communities is now an integral part of the PPN vision.   To showcase the contribution that psychological professionals are already making towards building healthier communities, Prof Jo Hart, Professor of Health Professional Education and Health Psychologist, University of Manchester, and Dr. Atiya Kamal, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, Birmingham City University, presented their work at the PPN Conference.  They explained how behavioural science can be used to encourage healthy behaviours, and highlighted the model of behavioural change proposed by Susan Michie (2011) that suggests people need the capability, motivation and opportunity to take action.  To further promote and explore wellbeing, prevention and community approaches the PPN SE recently published 'Psychological professionals and community wellbeing: A discussion paper'.  This paper introduces a number of psychological approaches that are particularly relevant for wellbeing and describes some examples identified through a survey in the South East region.  It is hoped that this discussion paper will be a catalyst for an ongoing conversation that explores how psychological professions are already working with communities, sharing examples of good practice and determining further steps needed to fulfil this vital commitment.

Hannah Denton

Counselling Psychologist

Author of Psychological Professionals and Community Wellbeing

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