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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

Digital Competencies for Psychological Professions

09 Mar

Professor Helen Pote and Dr Alesia Moulton-Perkins (Chair and Secretary of DCP Digital Healthcare Sub-Committee)

Dear Colleagues, 

We need your feedback on the digital skills you need now and in the future to offer psychological services safely through online formats.

Government drivers like the NHS Long Term Plan and the Topol Review are asking psychological professionals to integrate digital technologies into their practice. However, our professions lack clear policy and a competency framework on how to work with clients, supervisees and systems safely, ethically and effectively using digital technologies. To that end a group of us in the Division of Clinical Psychology Digital Healthcare Sub-committee have drawn up a set of Digital Competencies for Psychological Professions to guide practice.

You can find the competencies here

The competencies are designed to be applicable across the applied psychological professions and the various places we work:  NHS, social care, third sector, private practice, occupational and corporate settings, amongst others.  

From now until the end of March we want your feedback on the these competencies via the this survey which takes 15 minutes to complete. Please find the survey here

We really appreciate your feedback and at the end of this consultation period we will be finalising the competencies and using them to design some e-learning packages on digital practice made possible by DCP funding. This e-learning will be available for free through the BPS.


Helen & Alesia

Professor Helen Pote & Dr Alesia Moulton-Perkins

Chair & Secretary of the DCP Digital Healthcare Sub-Committee



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