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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

What's Happening in SE PPN

Hear about what's happening in PPN week by week, be stimulated to think about how psychological approaches play a role in health care and contribute your own ideas.

COVID-19 Resources

22 Apr

Message from our Chair Dr Adrian Whittington

Digital Competencies for Psychological Professions

09 Mar

Professor Helen Pote and Dr Alesia Moulton-Perkins (Chair and Secretary of DCP Digital Healthcare Sub-Committee)

Introduction from Laura Lea

02 Mar

Expert by Experience Involvement Lead with the National Psychological Professions Team

PPN Annual Conference 2019- Summary

02 Mar

Exploring the Contribution of Psychological Professions to Promoting Wellbeing in Communities

Going from Strength to Strength - A Regional Update

02 Mar

Hear from our Clinical Programme Manager Alice Plummer

National Developments in the Psychological Professions

02 Mar

Update from our Chair Adrian Whittington

Leadership opportunities across the South East region

01 Aug

Read on for more information on development opportunities

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