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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

What's Happening in SE PPN

Hear about what's happening in PPN week by week, be stimulated to think about how psychological approaches play a role in health care and contribute your own ideas.

Calling all Aspiring Psychological Professionals!

02 Jun

Read the updates from the Subnetwork here...

A Vision for the Psychological Professions

02 Jun

How will you help to make the Vision a reality?

Talking about Class in the Psychological Professions

31 Mar

#UniteandIncreaseDiversityinthePsychologicalProfessions #ClassClinPsych

The best therapists are always learning

31 Mar

How to boost your cognitive therapy skills with free online resources

PPN SE Team News!

02 Jun

Congratulations to our Senior Assistant Psychologists...

Aspiring Psychological Professions Subnetwork

31 Mar

Continue reading the March 2021 update...

Health Psychology Subnetwork Update

28 Jan

Read more from the health psychology subnetwork...

Proposal for a Forensic Psychology Subnetwork

28 Jan

Calling all aspiring, trainee and qualified forensic psychologists!

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